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How do I re-register or set up a new account for online billing?

To re-register or set up a new account for online billing you will need your NEW 11 digit account number and your last payment amount.

1. Select “My Account” at the top corner of your screen
2. On the Login screen, click “Register”
3. Enter your information and wait for the activation email
4. Activate your account from your email and then login
5. Select “Water Utility Billing”
6. Select “Add an Account”
7. Enter your NEW 11 digit account number and last payment amount and click “Add Account”
8. Follow the remaining steps to activate your new account

Click here to view the PDF flyer for more information

How do I sign up for the Automatic Bank Draft service?

Use of our Automatic Bank Draft service is the easiest and most convenient way to pay your water bills. With this FREE service, you can pay your bill automatically through your bank or financial institution.

If you are interested in signing up for this service, simply download, read, and complete the following information in its entirety and return the completed form to our office.

Click HERE to Download the Automated Bank Draft Service Form

Do I need to be at home when the water is turned on?

Generally speaking you need not be home. You do have the option of making an appointment if you suspect problems. Some customers choose to turn their main valve off which prevents a fixture, which may have been left on, from running water uncontrollably. When service is restored, turning off the main valve will avoid the Public Water Supply District #2 making a second trip at which your presence will be required.

Is the sewer service billed separately?

Yes, sewer is separately billed.  The sewer bill is based on water department data from your “winter average” of water consumption, but is billed and collected by the City of Raytown.  Failure to pay your sewer bill will result in disconnection of your water service.

Where do I look for leaks?

The most common household leak occurs in a toilet.  They can also occur in a number of other places within the home.  Some of these include but are not limited to water heaters, toilet tank overflow pipes, ice makers, humidifiers and outside faucets accidentally left on.  The occasional necessary jiggle of the toilet flush lever is an often overlooked household leak.

How do I check my toilet for a leak?

Testing for a leaky toilet involves discoloring the water using a dye.  Dye tablets and detailed procedures are available for pickup at our office. Dye tablets are free of charge for our customers.

Do you have a level payment plan?

Public Water Supply District No. 2 in Raytown, MO currently does not offer a level payment plan.

Rechecking my reading?

  • Can the Water District recheck my meter reading?
The Water District can, at the customers’ request, recheck a reading. The District will sometimes recheck a reading before the bill is even mailed.
  • Can I recheck my reading?
Yes, you may double check our reading.

Can I turn my own water on?

Under no circumstances is a customer allowed to turn their own water on.  This is particularly true in the case of a service that is disconnected due to a delinquent bill.  Additional charges and fees will be assessed against customers’ found to be tampering with a disconnected service.

Are there options available if I am unable to pay?

The Water District in Raytown, MO does offer payment arrangements but is unable to do so until after the past due date listed on the original bill.  Payment arrangements are handled on an individual basis. Arrangements will not be offered once a customer is disconnected due to a delinquent bill.  Full payment will be required on an account that is disconnected due to delinquency before service can be reconnected.

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