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Lead Service Line Inventory Initiative

Public Water Supply District No. 2 of Jackson County Lead Service Line Inventory Initiative

Recent Lead Service Line requirements handed down by the Environmental Protection Agency require Public Water Supply District #2 of Jackson County to develop and maintain an inventory of our water distribution system. We are seeking your help to identify and categorize the material used for the customers’ side of the system’s water service lines. This inventory will be for both the Water District owned and the customer owned portions of the service lines. This inventoried information of our water systems service lines will be filed with the EPA and be made available online to the public starting in October of 2024.

The inventory information will be gathered from you by a survey form that is available through our website by clicking on the provided link. Prior to completing the survey, you should complete the Pipe Identification Procedure using the steps provided in that link as well. The survey will request the results of the Pipe Identification Procedure as well as several additional pieces of information to aid us in completing our system inventory. A photograph of  where your service line first enters your home, and the Pipe Identification Procedure was performed, will need to be provided to us as well. This photograph can be mailed to us, emailed to  or uploaded as part of the online survey.

In the coming months you may receive a flier through the mail containing the steps to perform the Pipe Identification Procedure. The flier will provide a scannable QR code which will allow you to complete the survey on your mobile device if you wish.

An FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, option is available above to help answer any questions you might have. The website may also have answers to your questions. If you still have questions or would rather a Public Water Supply District #2 representative assist you in identifying your service line material you may contact us at (816)353-5550 or email to  to get answers to those questions or arrange an appointment.

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